[GameCube] Batman Begins

Batman Begins
Full nameBatman Begins
File size822.4MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Batman Begins is an action adventure game in the Batman game series. It is developed by Eurocom game maker. The game was available on the GameCube version for the first time in 2005. So far, it has been popular on many platforms.

Game story

About the plot, Batman Begins simulates the dangerous journey of  Batman. He was in Arkham Asylum, a fictional city with many mysteries. Batman found Wayne tower in the city which was being invaded by enemies with the intention of robbing treasure. With the help of Sergeant Gordon, he had to destroy the tracks to prevent enemy’s vehicles from moving. After that, he moved quickly to the Wayne Tower and faced to enemy.

How to play

Basically, the players will immersive into Batman through many stages. In the game, the first stage takes place at the Arkham Asylum harbor. Batman moves around the harbor, and he sees a group of criminals who is moving towards the city center. Due to his movement on different terrains, he traverses buildings to prevent the terrorist group from entering. On the way, Batman meets Sergeant Gordon. After a conversation, they come up with the plan to destroy the enemy. Batman is at the top of the track and places big bombs. Sergeant Gordon uses a missile to attack directly on the track. The goal completes when the track is destroyed and the enemy is blocked. However, they try to infiltrate the Wayne Tower. The second stage opens at Wayne Tower. In a short time, the enemy has found a new direction in the city center. Battles between Batman and the terrorist group are constantly taking place when they invade the Wayne Tower. He can attack enemies from the strength of his hand or weapons which appear randomly in the area. The biggest difficulty is many enemies. They attack him continuously.  If Batman dies while fighting the enemy, he has to replay the stage.

In addition, to ensure safety, Batman will hide and attack on enemies surprisingly. At this point, the enemy is out of control, and they cannot attack. Moreover, the enemy that makes Batman difficult to defeat is an assassin in the terrorist group. This kind of characters move constantly and has great power. Batman chases it and takes advantage of the enemy’s loophole. When they lose the concentration, Batman defeats it immediately. Bonuses and weapons are the rewards which he receives after defending the peace of Arkham Asylum City. The game ends when Batman completes his mission and moves to a new land.

The visual

About graphics, Batman Begins uses beautiful 3D graphics to create attractive to players in stages. Besides, Batman’s gameplay brings a true experience. Beautiful images, vivid sound and diverse gameplay make up the novelty and successful game.

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