[GameCube] Batman Dark Tomorrow

Batman Dark Tomorrow
Full nameBatman Dark Tomorrow
File size1.1GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Batman who appears in many famous adventure games is a familiar character in DC Comics. From the success of the previous version, the producer Kemco continued to release Batman: Dark Tomorrow on both GameCube and Xbox platform in 2003.


About the plot, the events in the game involve two main characters, Batman and Joker. The scene was Gotham City, where the confrontation was taking place between the Scarface gang and the Black Mask. In this battle, James Gordon – Commissioner was kidnapped. He was held captive by the enemy forces at Arkham Asylum. After a long investigation, Batman had identified the enemy behind the abduction mysterious cases, the Joker. He had chased Joker through many dangerous areas.

How to play

Basically, players will control Batman to chase enemies. In this journey, Batman has to confront many dangers. He has items like smoke bombs, Batarangs and chains to attack enemies. The game divides into many small levels with different goals. Demon’s Head’s which is the site of all the battles between Batman and the enemy, is found through traces left by the Black Mask gang. The first enemy that Batman has to defeat is Ubu – who has power in the gang. Under the direction of the leader Ra, Ubu and his army search for Batman to remove him from the land. The difference of the game is that Batman cannot kill enemies. He can only make them stunned and unconscious for a short time. After defeating all enemies, he will take them to the secret bunker to avoid Ra’s discovery. Besides, Batman collects a map of the Black Mask base and moves to the center. However, he has to disable the bombs and observation devices to ensure safety. Batman runs to Ra’s room, hears his conversation with the mysterious character. The information “Ra has placed 24 nuclear bombs all over the world” was revealed in that dialogue. After this stage, players have many options to create an event to end the game. One of the logical endings is Batman made a loud noise which forced Ra to chase him. He would bring Ra into places where he placed bombs to destroy Ra. If Ra did not move, Batman would attack him directly. This fight is dangerous because Ra is very strong. By personal skills and equipped weapons, Batman will move flexibly to dodge and attack Ra. After destroying Ra, Batman quickly rescued Commissioner James Gordon from the dangerous place. When Batman and James Gordon return to Gotham City safely, the game ends.

The visual

About graphics, Batman: Dark Tomorrow has beautiful 3D graphics like previous versions. It brings exciting and thrilling experience to players in. In addition, the specific goals of the game are arranged reasonably to create new challenges and make gamers more interested in.

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