[GameCube] Batman Rise Of Sin Tzu

Batman Rise Of Sin Tzu
Full nameBatman Rise Of Sin Tzu
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Batman is a famous character in the Avengers series. Based on The New Batman Adventures, Ubisoft released Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu in 2003. The game is the sequel of the Batman series which are available on many platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance and GameCube.

The story

About the plot, the setting of Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu is Gotham City. During a trip to visit his friend Crime Alley, Batman discovered that this place was holding many people. He secretly investigated and rescued people from the dark vaults. All clues which collected, took him to dangerous places with the rules of enemies. Here, a new case was officially opened with the criminal Sin Tzu. The dark forces were holding him. Sin Tzu had an important evidence of previous assassinations in the city. To solve the case, Batman had planned to rob Sin Tzu from prison.

The gameplay

In the game, players will act Batman to perform his mission. He can jump and move through buildings with a small device which attached to his hand. Batman explores the city and stops at locations where have the traces of enemies. After that, he found that the church was exploded by a large bomb which enemies set. Batman has to quickly overcome obstacles and defeat enemies to neutralize the bomb. If the time of the bomb is low, he will run away from the enemies instead of attacking them directly. The enemy is revealed, which leads Batman to the Arkham Asylum empire. Traps and enemies are always lurking Batman when he comes to the new area. Also, many battles will take place, requiring player’s focus during the journey. Batman will die if he gets attacked co much from enemies. To go to the center, he will use the pipes to create secret path. When he arrives the center of the empire, Batman will see Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Then, he will fight enemies and defeat them. After many battles, their energy is exhausted and Batman gains information about Sin Tzu. However, this action was stopped because Sin Tzu is a dangerous criminal. Batman’s mission ends when he comes out Arkham Asylum and the enemy is defeated.

The graphics

Regarding graphics, the games in the Batman series always make the players feel excited through impressive graphics. The image of the main character and the enemy is diversified with different powers to bring new challenges. The powerful fighting sound creates a motivation for the players.

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