[GameCube] Batman Vengeance

Batman Vengeance
Full nameBatman Vengeance
File size1.1GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Batman: Vengeance is a unique action game which is released UbiSoft. In 2001, the game is available on many platforms, such as PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, GameCube…


About the plot, Batman: Vengeance has inspiration from the famous movie The New Batman Adventures. The story is about Batman’s journey around the big cities. His mission was to investigate about the Joker’s case, his enemy. However, all the evidence which was collected was mysterious, and Batman found himself falling into the Joker’s trap. Joker sent his team to bring Batman into many dangerous areas to kill Batman.

How to play

Basically, the players will act Batman, the protagonist of the game. He has five major stages to find the Joker in the final mission. Each of them brings him to a Joker-arranged case. In the first stage, Batman goes to Gotham City to follow the trail of enemies. He knows that it had just occurred a dangerous case. The victim is a young girl who is being detained at the top of the building. Freeze, Joker’s partner is the target of Batman in this mission. He can move through the buildings with weapons on his hands. With the power of superhero, Batman chases enemies and defeats them to rescue the girl. The mission completes when Batman and the girl exit the building before the bomb exploded. Freeze escapes and takes Batman to the next stage. His goal was to protect the scientist Isaac Evers. Evers has a medicine that strengthens Freeze’s wife. In order to steal it, Freeze has led his army to attack Evers. Discovering it, Batman hides in a place near the accommodation of Evers. When he sees the appearance of enemy, he will jump down and kill the enemy. The map is the only item that Batman receives from the enemy. In the next two stages, he will arrive at the dock and the airport to see Freeze and Poison Ivy. He discovered that Joker’s plot is to destroy Gotham City to create his empire with Harley, Joker’s girlfriend. Through many difficulties and dangers, Batman encountered Joker in the final stage. Batman’s challenge is to overcome the room with the laser beams that Joker has prepared. He will die and redo the stage if he collides with a laser. The game creates an open ending in the final stage. If Batman quickly escapes the room, the final battle will happen in the city. That fight will take place at a church if Batman doesn’t choose to cross the room. The game ends when Batman defeats the Joker and brings peace to the city.


Regarding graphics,  Batman: Vengeance uses beautiful 3D graphics. The venue has harmonious colors to create comfort and attract players to new challenges. In conclusion, the unique plot, powerful gameplay and various graphics have brought success for Batman: Vengeance.

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