[GameCube] Battalion Wars

Battalion Wars
Full nameBattalion Wars
File size0.9GB
Genre Strategy , Turn Based Tactics
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Battalion Wars is a great game with unique war content. It has two different challenging systems for players to enjoy: The first is the shooting challenge with a third perspective. The second is a real-time challenge. With these two fascinating challenges, the game will bring relaxing times for players. Kuju Entertainment designed and built Battalion Wars for the Game Cube platform. It was available by Nintendo in 2005 for Europe, Japan and North America. By 2006, the game appeared in Australia, on February 16. Besides, the Japanese version uses a unique name, Assault !! Famicom Wars.

The story

With elements of war, Battalion Wars was built with five different countries. The world map has two continents and many islands in the sea. In which, Tundran Territories and Western Frontier (modeled on Russia and the US) control the Western continent. The Eastern continent has a sea which is Dune Sea, Xylvania (built on World War II Germany and Romania with Gothic style) control.

Basically, the game is an intense war between the Tundran Territories and the Western Frontier. However, there is an unexpected event, Xylvania used airplane to attack and bomb the armies of the two nations. Thus, the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories stop fighting to establish a military alliance to retaliate Xylvania.

How to play

Battalion Wars has only a campaign play. In which, the players have to complete many tasks to end the game. Besides, the task system is divided into two different types, the main task and the subtask. At each mission, the players have smart strategies to complete challenges with good achievements. With strategic challenges, the players can control many different units to attack on specified areas. For the shooting challenges, the players have to observe the battlefield carefully and move reasonably to survive the intense gun battle.

The visual

Finally, the visual system is a fun cartoon style. The 3D of the game is diverse, and it provides many beautiful battlefields. Besides, Battalion Wars has also some limitations about displaying images, and the image structure is a little blurred.

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