[GameCube] Beyblade VForce Super Tournament Battle

Beyblade VForce Super Tournament Battle
Full nameBeyblade VForce Super Tournament Battle
File size851.4MB
Genre Action
Region Europe Europe
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Beyblade: V-Force – Super Tournament Battle is an action game which was developed by Hudson Soft in 2002. Players will participate in a beyblade tournament among famous players. The game will bring them new experiences through a diverse level system and unique gameplay.

Basically, players own a Beyblade and name before the fight begins. Beyblade is divided into different systems representing the power of water, fire, water, and metal. After choosing their favorite Beyblade, players can get to know the players in the lobby. The tournament starts when they receive a signal from the organizers. Many matches start at the same time to choose who to go on to the next round.

Players will put Beyblade on stage and fight with the enemy’s Beyblade. Their goal is to knock the opponent out of the ring or to make it run out of energy. The Beyblade who stays on the stage for the longest time will win. On the ring, the two Beyblades collide constantly. Each will accumulate energy after each collision. When the energy bar is filled up, the Beyblade’s special ability is activated. A large light generates from the ring causing massive damage when the player performs this skill. However, the time to survive on them is limited. When the timer runs out, Beyblade stops moving and is unable to attack the enemy. If they let their Beyblade take many damages from enemies, it will be knocked off the ring, and the player has to start the tournament again.

Winning each match gives the player a bonus and the right to go to the next round. Bonuses are used when players come to the store. It helps to improve some of the Beyblade’s abilities, making it stable and withstand opponents. The difficulty achieves to the highest in the last match. The game’s speed is greatly increased, and players have to choose a Beyblade’s drop point to ensure safety. The prize money and the cup are valuable items for the champion.

Unlike other tactical-action games, players do not directly fight enemies but perform that behavior through controlling Beyblade. The image is familiar and is not much different from them. The halo effect applies in the Beyblade’s skills perfectly to attract players.

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