[GameCube] Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil
Full nameBeyond Good and Evil
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Beyond Good & Evil is adventure and combat game in a fantasy world. It was developed by Ubisoft Pictures. In December 2003, the publisher released it for the Game Cube platform on two regions, North America and Australia.

The story

Basically, Beyond Good & Evil’s story is about Jade. He is a boxer and field reporter. The game’s timeline was 2435, and Jade’s adventure took place on a planet, Hillys. At that time, Alpha Sections (a military government apparatus) controlled Hillys. In which, Alpha Sections said to protect the Hillys from the attacks of the aliens, and the people have to obey their laws. However, an alien race DomZ attacked Hillys. Alpha Sections did not prevent the invasion. From which, some people did not believe in Alpha Sections. They suspected that the government had colluded with DomZ to share the control of Hillys. To against the invasion and the tyranny of the military apparatus, a resistance force was established, which was the IRIS Network. Besides, a member of the IRIS Network hired Jane for serving them in this war. This is also a main character of the game.

The gameplay

In Beyond Good & Evil, the players control Jade to overcome many challenges in investigating the relationship between the DomZ race and Alpha Sections. In order to carry out it, the players will have unique tasks on specific areas. The players have to move cleverly to overcome traps and avoid being discovered to collect information (by taking pictures). In addition, some other tasks will involve defeating enemies. In which, Jade can use some melee techniques to fight. Besides, Jade has also support from companions (controlled by A.I.).

Similar to other adventure games, Jade has a separate power system (shown by the heart). In case of being hit by enemy, Jade’s vitality will decrease. The players can restore the character’s health by using healing items.

The visual

Despite being appreciated for the plot and the context, Beyond Good & Evil has problems with the fighting techniques of the characters. The critics commented that the game is lack of authenticity and unattractive.

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