[GameCube] Big Air Freestyle

Big Air Freestyle
Full nameBig Air Freestyle
File size1.2GB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Big Air Freestyle is a motorbike driving challenge on multiple terrains. It was developed by Paradigm Entertainment. The publisher Infogrames released it for Game Cube in 2002. It is available in three regions, including North America (September 13), Europe (November 8) and Australia (November 15th). Besides, this game is also an edited and upgraded version of MX Rider.

Basically, with the element of driving a motorbike and conquering complex tracks, Big Air Freestyle has many acrobatic tricks and beautiful moves. In the game, the players have the opportunity to become a professional rider, and they are free to show their skills to beat many other competitors.

Besides compelling content, Big Air Freestyle has a stable image quality. However, the movement of the game is not well, the tricks are not really lively and excitement to the players.

In order to provide players with many motorbike driving challenges, the manufacturer has three modes, including: Free Style, Race and Challenge. In which, Race mode has two other parts: Single Race and Championship. In the Free Style section, the players will take to the vast race with thousands of fans. Meanwhile, the players will be comfortable to move and perform many tricks to receive bonus points. With the difficult tricks, the players will receive more bonus points. Next, Challenge is similar to Free Style. However, the players will not be done the procedure at random. Instead, the players have to complete certain goals according to the requirements to receive bonus points. For the two challenges of Race mode, Single Race offers random races for players to compete with A.I. Before a race, the players can choose the driver and model of motorcycle to use (125 CC or 250 CC). Championship is the most complex challenges of this game. It has a variety of races, and the players have to participate in the process of upgrading motorcycles to play in complex races. Besides, this game has two separate levels to challenge the players, Novice and Expert.

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