[GameCube] Bionicle Heroes

Bionicle Heroes
Full nameBionicle Heroes
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Bionicle is a famous toy of Lego. It has a beautiful design. Besides, some developers also rely on it to design unique games. Referring to the games with Bionicle topic, we must mention Bionicle Heroes, an addictive shooting game. Please join us to check it right now!

Bionicle Heroes was conceived by Traveller’s Tales. After that, it is available for many different platforms. The game appeared in late 2006 for three main platforms: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, GameCube and PlayStation 2. In addition, Amaze Entertainment also converted to serve two other platforms, Nintendo DS and Game. Boy Advance.

Unlike the shooting games at the same time, Bionicle Heroes does not have a multiplayer challenge system. Instead, it has a design that challenges a player. In which, the players have to control an unknown character who will rescue the Bionicle race from the evil rule of Piraka. To dominate the island of Voya Nui, Piraka used the power of the Toa Inika and transformed wild creatures into warlike creatures. However, Toa Inika are masks which contain supernatural powers, create from warriors from the first era of Bionicle to future generations.

In Bionicle Heroes, the players have to fight with a third perspective. The combat system offers according to different levels. There are 25 levels for players to conquer. At each level, the players have to kill all enemies in the way. Each of them has a map which is divided into different areas. They are separated by doors, and the players can unlock them by assembling Lego blocks that are collected nearby. With the task of destroying enemies to open the gates and to move forward, the game also offers many special combat missions, such as defeating the boss. The manufacturer has prepared 19 tycoons. Each will manage a separate area.

Besides destroying enemies and surviving, the players also have to collect bonus items (falling from enemies that have been destroyed or unlocking the mysterious boxes present along the way). They can upgrade the power and equipment (weapons and armor).

In addition, Bionicle Heroes has 3D graphics and a stable frame rate, which helps players get a smooth experience. However, some details have not been clearly designed and displayed quite faintly.

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