[GameCube] Black Bruised

Black Bruised
Full nameBlack Bruised
File size1.2GB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Black & Bruised is a fighting game, bases on the fighting style of boxing. It was designed by Digital Fiction and was available for various regions around the world. For the North American market, Majesco Entertainment will be responsible for the production and the game launched on January 26, 2003. The markets outside North America (the rest of the world), was published by Vivendi Universal Games on June 27, 2003. Besides, this game was available for two famous platforms, including PlayStation 2 and Game Cube.

The characters and arenas collection

Black & Bruised brings you 19 different characters to use. In which, each of them will have a different power parameter for players to refer. They are Strength, Speed, Movement and Reach. However, in the first stage, the players can only use 14 characters. The other characters will be hidden, and the players have to complete special challenges to unlock them. In addition to the diverse characters collection, the producer also offers 21 beautiful arenas with different contexts to enjoy.

The gameplay

In terms of gameplay, there are six sections with different tasks to experience. 1P Fight is a battle mode between player and COM. In which, the players have to choose a character to join the fight and to defeat the opponent in a limited time. 2P Fight brings matches between two players. Each can choose a favorite character to control.

In case the players want to enjoy more complex matches and more intense competition, Survival, Tournament and Boxer’s Life are two choices. The goal of Survival is to fight and to attack of many opponents. In this game, the players have to fight continuously until they are defeated. For the Tournament, the players will compete in many different matches to win the championship. The matches have an available arrangement, and the players have to defeat the assigned opponent to advance.

Finally, the two gentle parts are Boxer’s Life and Training. Boxer’s Life offers short videos. It gives players stories and events that relevant to each character. Training has easy challenges to help the players become familiar with their characters’s power.

The visual

Regarding visual design style, Black & Bruised has an cel shading style. Moreover, the matches and the movements’s characters are more beautiful. Besides, the color system and the visual structures which display on the Game Cube are rated higher than the PlayStation 2.

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