[GameCube] Blood Omen 2 The Legacy Of Kain Series

Blood Omen 2 The Legacy Of Kain Series
Full nameBlood Omen 2 The Legacy Of Kain Series
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Legacy of Kain is an interesting adventure games series with a topic of Crystal Dynamics’ vampires. After the great success of previous version, the developer decided to release the fourth called Blood Omen 2. It has a more engaging battle system than its predecessors. The game was available by Eidos Interactive for the PlayStation 2 platform. Due to people’s interest, this game moves to some other platforms such as Xbox, Game Cube and Microsoft Windows. The modifications of the game on three new platforms are made by Nixxes Software BV.  Blood Omen 2 was available worldwide in 2002. Except for the European version of the Game Cube, it was released on January 24, 2003.

The story

About the plot, Blood Omen 2 is a continuation of the events which takes place in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. After refusing the resurrection Pillars of Nosgoth, Kain received the help of Vorador, and he built an army to conquest of the world. However, Kain’s plan was destroyed in the battle to conquer Nosgoth. In there, the Sarafan Order defeated Kain’s army. Their leader, Sarafan Lord, has usurped the Soul Reaver sword from Kain. Failing from the fight, Kain fell asleep. Hundreds of years later, a vampire Umah who awakened Kain, informed him about the change of the world in his absence.

Besides, after defeating Kain, the Sarafan Lord and the Sarafan Order set out many strict management orders for the people in Nosgoth. In addition, the Sarafan Order also uses new magic which is called Glyph, has the ability to kill vampires. Next, it chases and massacres the vampires. As a result, some vampires want to serve under Sarafan Lord to avoid being annihilated. However, the several other protest, and they form a resistance force to fight the Sarafan Order. They were called Cabal and Umah was a member of Cabal. Receiving new information, Kain agreed to help Cabal and regain Soul Reaver.

In Legacy of Kain, the players control Kain to participate in many different combat missions. Besides, the game also has many puzzle challenges for players to overcome. With completing the required challenges, the players can unlock special skills for the character, through defeating the designated bosses.

The visual

In terms of image quality, the game has high resolution of 3D graphics. Besides, the movements are designed lively, which brings gamers more interesting and authentic feelings.

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