[GameCube] BloodRayne

Full nameBloodRayne
File size863.0MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

BloodRayne is a great fighting game from Terminal Reality. It is available on five different platforms, such as Game Cube, PlayStaion 2, Xbox, OS X and Microsoft Windows. Besides, Majesco Entertainment released the game for North America, and Vivendi Games released it in Europe. In North America, BloodRayne was first launched on October 15, 2002 for Xbox, PS 2 and Game Cube. Then, the PC version was available on September 9, 2003. For the European region, the PC, PS 2 and Xbox versions were published on May 2, 2003. For the Game Cube version, it was available on May 23, 2003.

The story

The story of BloodRayne which takes place in the 20th century tells about a woman Rayne. She is not an normal person, but a Dhampir (whose father is a vampire and her mother is an ordinary woman). As a result, Rayne’s life was not easy, and she feels uncomfortable between two worlds, humans and vampires. One day, Rayne was suddenly recruited by a mysterious organization to help them kill vampires and to prevent murders. Rayne accepted the invitation and joined the Brimstone Association. Besides destroying the vampires, Rayne’s important goal is to find his mysterious father.

The gameplay

Basically, BloodRayne has only one mode that is a personal challenge. In which, the players will control Rayne and go to many different lands to complete the required tasks by the Association. Taking part in quests, the players can fight with many different enemies and use a variety of weapons. Their basic weapon is two long swords which are mounted on Rayne’s arms, allowing her to perform melee attacks to destroy enemies. Also, the players can pick up many different guns on the road to use and attack to quickly defeat the enemy. With the use of many weapons while on duty, Rayne also has a special ability, which provides the ability to slow down time to avoid dangerous attacks from enemies.

The visual

Besides the content that is rated as normal, similar to Blade (the fictional character of Marvel Comics) and a more beautiful version of Lara Croft. The visual system, the scenery and the environment have an elaboration. The frame rate works stably that brings fast and smooth movements for the game.

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