[GameCube] Blowout

Full nameBlowout
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

BlowOut is a famous action game of Terminal Reality. The game officially appeared on the GameCube platform for the first time in 2003.

The story

About the plot, the events take place in the late 21st century. By this time, the researches on alien creatures become clear. The scientists have seen their dangers if they invade the Earth. The presence of Honor Guard, an alien in the sea, has asked many questions about its existence. To make clear, TransFed Marshall John has a task with sending the creature sample into the air to prove that it was being controlled by aliens.

The gameplay

Basically, the players act TransFed to complete the assigned task. He goes through 10 great levels with many dangers. BlowOut’s gameplay is similar to the previous famous game, Contra. At the first level, TransFed brings creatures and rifles to the factory. He destroyed many bases and advanced to the center. By destroying, TransFed can collect new guns and magazines. When detecting enemy, he will attack directly to ensure safety. Besides conventional moving, TransFed uses elevators to quickly move through hazardous areas. The map is available at the bottom and the top for him to see the appropriate path. From the second level, the enemy’s movement speed will require flexible reflexes. If he dies from an enemy attack, they have to perform again the first stage. Besides, enemies in the next level are alien monsters and cannons. In which, his dancing skill also improves significantly. TransFed can move through buildings with a jump while ensuring safety. At the end of certain stages, a boss will appear to stop him. With the experience of winning, he will destroy all bosses, and he receives bonuses. The final level is between the organization that holds the Honor and TransFed creatures. He uses bonus to buy many items before fighting enemies. With warrior strength, he quickly defeats the enemy and the evil boss. The game ends when TransFed sends a successful creature in the sky.

The visual

In terms of graphics, BlowOut offers a new perspective of action games. Beautiful 3D graphics, dramatic sound and flexible gameplay have brought many interesting experiences for the players.

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