[GameCube] Bomberman Generation

Bomberman Generation
Full nameBomberman Generation
File size0.9GB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Bomberman series is familiar with many people. In which Bomberman Generation is one of the most successful versions of the Bomberman Series. It was available in 2002 by Hudson Soft. The game has a completely different version and brings new experiences to players.

The story

When the universe was formed, 6 crystals called 6 bomb elements which existed and created the current universe. For many years, someone has found six crystals and takes them to the Planet Bomber for researching. Bandits have appeared to steal these crystals and use them for evil purposes. Professor Ein knew that Hige Hige and Crush Bomber stole the crystals. He summoned Bomberman come back to the Planet Bomber, and he gave him the task of defeating the bandits to regain 6 crystals.

How to play

Basically, in this version, the players continue to control Bomberman to defeat the bad guys in 6 worlds to collect crystals. Each world will divide into 5 levels, the players have to defeat many enemies and solve puzzles to complete the mission. Normally, your enemies are plants that can move. They are very slow so the players can defeat them easily. The puzzles will randomly appear in the way and stop you. You have to find objects on the map and destroy them with bomb to solve the puzzles. At the end of each world, Boss is the biggest obstacle that players have to overcome to move to the new world.

The game mode

In addition to campaign mode, there are many modes such as Standard Battle, Reversi Battle and Coin Battle. Standard Battle allows 4 players to participate simultaneously on a map. They have to destroy each other within a limited time, and the winner will be the last survivor. The map will shrink over time and force players to fight. Reversi Battle brings players to battles to steal items. They have to use bomb to turn cards that match their character to win. Coin Battle is a mode that helps the players collect bonuses. More treasures will appear on the map, and they have to use bomb to collect them. When the players are killed, they lose half of the bonus that they collect.

The visual

This is the first version to use 3D graphics with advanced cel-shading technology on the Gamecube. Everything will appear authentically on the screen, and the players fell comfortable.

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