[GameCube] Burnout

Full nameBurnout
File size459.3MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Burnout is a great racing game. It was released in November 2001 on the PlayStation 2 platform. In 2002, this game was available on Xbox and GameCube. For a true driving challenge, it was designed by Criterion Games and published by Acclaim Entertainment. Today, we would like to introducr to you Burnout on the GameCube platform. Please join us to check it right now!

At the time of launch, Burnout received high marks for building many beautiful landscapes. Besides, the tracks have a variety of vehicles on the road. So, the game brings interesting driving experiences and challenges the smart driving ability of the players. About the vividness of the visual systems, this game is only at steady levels.

In Burnout, the producer has brought four main parts, including Championship, Single Race, Time Attack and Head to Head. In which, the Championship has the most interesting content. It gives the players many events to participate. Each of them has specific races at different tracks. In each race, the players compete with three other drivers (controlled by COM), and they have to complete several laps to win. In particular, when you conquer each event successfully, it will open a side game to explore. It is Face Off. Besides, the attraction of the extra challenge is reward. If you complete it, you will receive a new car to use.

Moreover, instead of competing in pre-arranged races, Single Race is simple races. The players only have to choose the car which they want to use in competition. And then, the game will take you to any track to enjoy the challenge of driving at high speed. Like many games, Time Attack is a time-limited game. It means that you have to finish a race with a countdown timer which displayed on the screen. You have to complete before the countdown timer stops working. Head to Head is a competition mode between two players.

Besides, the manufacturer also offers five different types of cars. Each model will correspond to the difficulty of each race. The first model is Supermini, which is the Easy level. With Medium level, the players can use two models: Saloon and Sports Coupe. Finally, the Hard level brings two powerful models : Pickup and Muscle.

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