[GameCube] Casper Spirit Dimensions

Casper Spirit Dimensions
Full nameCasper Spirit Dimensions
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Based on the famous movie from Harvey Comics, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Lucky Chicken built a unique adventure game called Casper: Spirit Dimensions. TDK Mediactive published it on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. In which, the PS2 version was available in September 2001 and the GameCube version was in October 2002.

The game content

Basically, the content of Casper: Spirit Dimensions was Casper who received suggestion to defeat an evil ghost and protected the world. Casper’s adventure began when he met Wendy the Good Little Witch. In this meeting, Wendy informed that Casper was the only ghost who could stop Kibosh’s plan to invade the world. To do that, he had to move to different space to defeat various enemies, the Kibosh’s henchmen. Moreover, Casper also had to rescue the Guardian of Light.

In addition, with many different adventures to protect the world from evil forces, the players have to help Casper conquer many different spaces successfully. In which, each of them corresponds to a certain stage, and the end of each stage is the battle with the boss. Besides fighting the enemy, players also have to participate in collecting keys or required items.

The control mechanics

During the exploration of each stage, the players control the character with a third perspective, and they move to many different areas to do the task. In each area, you have to move skillfully to avoid traps or surprise attacks from enemies on the way. When moving, you can advance or back arbitrarily. Besides, Casper can also accelerate and move faster by using Casper Comet. In addition, Casper can use energy to fight enemies. This skill will activate with Ghost Power Points (GPP). Along with the use of GPP to fight, it can create a shield of magical energy to help Casper defend.

The visual

The graphics of Casper: Spirit Dimensions are normal, the image structures are simple and acceptable. Although this game designs with 3D environment, it still has some limitations in animation.

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