[GameCube] Cel Damage

Cel Damage
Full nameCel Damage
File size1.2GB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Demolition Derby (D.D) is a unique driving challenge. In this topic, there are many interesting games. In which, Cel Damage is the most famous product from Pseudo Interactive and Electronic Arts. The producers have released this game for two bases, including Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. With the Xbox, its version was available in 2001 while the version of GameCube was published in 2002.

How to play

In terms of the gameplay, this game has many interesting matches, in which players can decorate their cars. Besides, the players have to control the car to defeat the opponents by attacking their cars. If you have ever played the Twisted Metal series, the gameplay of Cel Damage is similar.

In Cel Damage, the producer has provided gamers with three modes. Each of them brings unique challenges, in which players have to defeat many opponents within the required time. The first mode is Smack Attack. The goal of this game is to destroy the enemies to get bonus points. The more enemies you have defeated, the higher scores you  will get, as well as the highest ranking position you will be. In this game, there will be many mysterious wooden boxes on the map. Inside each wooden box, there is a variety of weapons for players to equip their car. To get the weapons, players who only need to drive their car to crash into the wooden boxes. Besides, each defeated enemy will revive at different positions on the battlefield. Therefore, players have to move constantly to explore wooden boxes, equip new weapons and search for enemies. The next mode is Flag Rally. In which the player’s main task is to destroy opponents to collect the specified flags. Finally, it is the Gate Relay. In this mode, players will participate in a race with many opponents, and they have to quickly move to the required location. When players participate in the race, they can attack freely to prevent opponents from completing the race.

The graphics

With the visual graphics, Cel Damage possesses simulation interesting simulates in-game images lively such as explosions or fires, collides with objects. Also, the structure of images is built in the Toon shading style (also known as Cel shading).

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