[GameCube] Ikaruga

Full nameIkaruga
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

After the success of Radiant Silvergun (1998), Treasure Co., Ltd. has built a sequel to this game. However, the new version is rated as Spiritual successor. This game is Ikaruga, which was only available on Arcade Game in Japan on December 20, 2001. In 2002, Entertainment Software Publishing released a version for Sega Dreamcast on September 5. Until 2003, the game was available worldwide for the GameCube platform.

The story

In the plot, Ikaruga will not follow the events of Radiant Silvergun (1998). Instead, it is a new story. The context of the game is the conquests of Tenro Horai, the head of the island nation of Horai. Many years ago, Tenro discovered a source of magical energy which was heeden within the ground. In many ways, Tenro could use this special energy to conquer the countries. Facing Tenro’s expansion, a military alliance was formed, Tenkaku. The alliance had fought against the army of the island nation of Horai to liberate the lands that were controlled. Among Tenkaku’s pilots, Shinra was a strong pilot, and he still resolved to defeat Tenro. But Shinra was shot down in a battle and lost to a village, Ikaruga. There, the villagers rescued him and provided Shinra with a special fighter plane to destroy Horai.

How to play

In the combat situations, the players control the spacecraft with a view from above and its vertical motion. The main task is to destroy the enemy and overcome the obstacles through five stages. In addition to the usual shooting challenge, this game also possesses a special feature. The player’s spacecraft owns two different energy sources: a white and a black energy source. When using white energy, the player’s spacecraft is immune to damage with white bullets which fired from enemies. Besides, they will be absorbed and accumulated into a new source of energy to activate special attack skills. However, the black bullets will cause damage, and players move skillfully to avoid being hit. Besides, using black energy will be similar to white energy. Players will absorb black bullets and avoid white bullets.

The visual

With the visual system, Ikaruga has 2D graphics. Some special battle stages are in the 3D platform. Besides, the color system is simple but interesting, which brings gamers great gaming experience.

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