[GameCube] LEGO Star Wars The Video Game

LEGO Star Wars The Video Game
Full nameLEGO Star Wars The Video Game
File size874.1MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Lego Star Wars is a theme of the famous Star Wars story of the world-famous lego brand. Since its inception to date, this brand has published up to 6 video games with content revolving around. And the LEGO STAR WARS video game is one of them.

Story and character

Lego Star Wars doesn’t have a particular story. The producer has cleverly arranged the Star Wars prequel’s main events to create impressive game interfaces and extremely excellent experiences.

It seems that the design team spent a lot of effort reconstructing the game scene that is very similar to the previous movie’s scenes, where there is repairing Lego pieces with solid and unmistakable tones. The cast of characters in the game includes a total of 15 characters with different skill sets. For example, R2-D2 is a character who possesses a flying ability thanks to a controller that activates the pneumatic propulsion system. At the same time, Anakin has a mighty glowing sword and has powerful attacks. Dangerous attack with this sword. Obi-wan has an extremely sharp ability to overcome obstacles and abundant health.


You will experience a total of 12 levels to be able to complete the game. More specifically, throughout these levels, you are entitled to own three characters to switch between them. Mostly you will have to change the characters continuously to suit the characteristics of each screen. If you are able to master the characters skillfully enough, you will be able to solve increasingly difficult challenges through the levels.

The monsters often rush at you very quickly and aggressively. You have to find creative ways to dodge and create a safe distance from them. If you don’t want to be a suitable prey, you need to control the playing character and master that character’s skill set. There will be some relief items, but not much. Mainly still is because you have to fight for the victory on your own.

In terms of the target characteristics, most of the missions involve the military base when you have to clear them. Sometimes it’s so simple that you just need to find enough exit doors to complete a certain task.

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