[GameCube] Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion
Full nameLuigi's Mansion
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

With a style similar to the Ghost Buster movie, Luigi’s Mansion will bring interesting missions to fight with many different ghosts. Besides, this game is the second game that Luigi is the main character. It was available by Nintendo on the GameCube platform in 2001 for two regions, Japan and North America. Next, Australasia and Europe could enjoy the game in 2002.


In the game, Luigi receives a notice that he receives an award for a villa house in a famous competition. Luigi goes on to meet Mario at the house that is announced to be in his possession. Next, Luigi follows the instructions and arrives at the house. However, this house has a scary design and a gloomy atmosphere. Entering the house, Luigi is attacked by a ghost, and he is lucky enough to escape the ghost with the man’s help, Elvin Gadd – Professor E. Gadd. Later, Elvin tells Luigi about seeing Mario come into the house and disappear. Therefore, Elvin gives his ghost catcher (Poltergust 3000) to Luigi to rescue Mario.


The mission to free Mario from the haunted house is done in four stages, and Luigi has to defeat the ghosts in different stages to go forward. Each will take place in a different area and have a battle with the boss at the end. The capture of ghosts will be performed in order. Firstly, the player has to use a flashlight to find the ghost and stun it with light. Next, the ghosts’ hearts will be displayed, and you will activate the Poltergust 3000 to remove ghosts from the screen. Besides normal ghosts, some ghosts possess special powers, and you cannot erase them by normal means. Meanwhile, the player has to collect three medals for Poltergust to upgrade the ghost capture machine.


Similar to many Mario’s other franchised games on the GameCube, Luigi’s Mansion has a sharp 3D visual system and provides smooth motion to relax. With the hunting ghosts’ task, the game uses in dark colors and brings a sense of authenticity on the move in a haunted house. The objective is to use Professor E. Gadd’s device cleverly to destroy the ghosts and find Mario.

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