[GameCube] Mario Party 7

Mario Party 7
Full nameMario Party 7
File size1.2GB
Genre Misc
Region Europe Europe
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

With the previous version’s success, Hudson Soft continued to release Mario Party 7 in the Mario Party game series in 2005. The game revolves around the journey to explore new lands of Toadsworth and his friends. Mario, Toadsworth’s best friend, had tasked with sending invitations to his friends. However, Bowser and Koopa did not receive the invitation and devised a plan to prevent Mario’s journey. Mario was in danger due to the pitfalls from two friends on this trip.

Basically, players will accompany Mario to overcome many challenges. To complete the task quickly, they can choose the multiplayer mode and accompany Toadsworth’s friends. Mario’s goal is to collect more stars to move to the end of the level. His speed will increase rapidly when the number of stars reaches the specified level. Besides bringing bonuses, Mario has to avoid the enemy’s dangers when his speed increases. He stops at the first island on his tour. The tour is having fun when Bowser shows up and takes the ship. In the lost vehicles, Mario will run around the island to search for boats. A group who send by Bowser and Koopa, attack him. Mario has not weapons so he has to move sensibly to create a safe distance from the enemy.

The levels take place for a short time. The difficulty will increase as Mario conquers the previous challenge. Players will not be bored after a long time because the boss and enemies system are built on 3D images and have different skills. Some short films are shown after Mario reaches level 40. The funny creatures’s sound in the forest takes players to the relaxing space of the new land expedition. After completing the Bowser challenge series, Mario and Toadsworth meet Koopa, who intentionally creates dangers along the way. Koopa continues to cause difficulties by putting puzzles in the level. Mario has to solve these puzzles quickly to find the key that appears in the mysterious room. With the collected key, Mario unlocks the door and retrieves the ship. The game ends when Toadsworth and his friends return safely.

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