[GameCube] Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime
Full nameMetroid Prime
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Metroid Prime was developed by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo on the GameCube. It was available to North America on November 17, 2002.


The content is part of the first plot in Prime’s three chapters. Note, the Prime’s content takes place from the end of Metroid to the beginning of Metroid II: Return of Samus. In the game, you will have to control Samus Aran and conquer Tallon IV planet (also known as Tallon Overworld) to collect artifacts.


On Tallon IV planet, players have to explore many different areas to search and collect 12 Chazo artifacts. Each has different terrain and paths. To assist players, a 3D map has been prepared with different displays to know their position and the target to go. In addition, the game also provides some suggestions to upgrade their equipment and gain new powers during combat. Some upgrades are Varia Suit, Missiles, and Grapple Beam. For example, improved Varia Suit allows Samus to move in areas with high temperatures.

By collected 12 artifacts, you will have to focus on agile movements to cross many terrains. Shooting challenges will only take place at some stage or players can move skillfully to avoid enemies. In order to explore new areas, players will have to collect some required items to open special gates. The stages will take place with a fixed sequence, and players can’t enter new areas without completing.


Different from previous versions of Metroid Series, Metroid Prime has design with a new visual and viewing system. This game is the first version of the Metroid series to use the 3D imaging system. With the new visual system, players will enjoy many vivid battles and attack dangerous monsters.

Besides, the Science Fiction element also brings many beautiful contexts to see. The combat missions will provide two different perspectives, the first in the shooting challenges and the third while Samus maintains Morph Ball state. Another new feature is that it focuses on adventure missions and collects the required items.

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