[GameCube] Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4
Full nameResident Evil 4
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Resident Evil 4 is the sixth part of the Resident Evil series. This game was available by Capcom on Game Cube in 2005 (designed by Capcom Production Studio 4).


The game will bring survival and battle missions in a chaotic world. The human world has become dead zones with the number of infected people constantly increasing. The main character is Leon S. Kennedy. He had become an agent of the US government. His mission was to rescue the daughter of the US president, Ashley Graham. She was captured by a strange group in Spain, and Leon went to a village (thought to be detaining Ashley) to investigate. Assisting Leon in this mission is an old friend, Ada Wong.


With the survival challenge, Resident Evil 4 has a beautiful 3D visual system, and the player will control the main character through a third perspective. In addition, the game also has many horror images so that players can enjoy many different chaotic scenes during the challenge.


In the game, players will enjoy shooting challenges in frightening and cold spaces. Instead of providing crosshair, the guns have laser aiming devices. From there, the player has to have quicker reflexes while fighting. In particular, you will have the opportunity to fight with the first perspective when using the sniper rifle. Different from the usual shooting games, this version also allows players to shoot at many different positions to take the enemy down. For example, you can shoot at an enemy’s leg in order that they can’t chase you. Or shoot at their hands to drop their weapons.

The fighting mission will take players to many different areas of this Spanish village. In addition, the player also participates in some combat missions to destroy the boss. These tasks will be more complicated than ordinary others. Besides skillful movement and attack on the boss’ weaknesses, the player also has to participate in some Quick time events (QTE). With fighting in stages, the game also prepares a store to change or upgrade equipment. The players also can add additional recovery foods to continue to perform the task.

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