[GameCube] Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers
Full nameSuper Mario Strikers
File size1.0GB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Many players were no stranger to Mario, the main character of many famous adventure games. From this character, Next Level Games continues to produce Super Mario Strikers. The game had completely different gameplay. Instead of adventure, this game will take players into exciting matches between cartoon characters.

Fun Gameplay

Basically, the game allows two players to control the teams of Mario and Luigi. Like other soccer sports, the player’s task is to control his team to score many points by putting the ball into the opponent’s goal. With a view from above, they will observe the team’s members and make precise passes. Each athlete will accumulate energy after each pass. When it reaches the required level, their special skill is activated. Then you must take a final shot into the opponent’s palace. This shot has great power that makes the goalkeeper unable to block the ball. To prevent the enemy from attacking, players will throw obstacles like banana peels and fruits. However, this will reduce a player’s energy. Their movement speed will also be reduced. After the competition, the team that wins the higher score will be the winner.

In addition to solo mode, players can also choose small modes to improve their skills. In each training ground, they will learn many experiences from the pass and how to handle other situations. This mode is divided into levels with increasing difficulty. They get a bonus after completing all. This money can use to unlock some items and adjust the match’s weather. Multiplayer mode also increases the game’s attractiveness. In this mode, each individual skills are clearly shown, and the difficulty becomes higher.


Players like watching the peak games through the view from above and beautiful 3D images. The special skills combined with the shot effect create attractive competition for the player. If players are looking for a game to help them have a relaxing time, Super Mario Strikers is the best choice.

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