[GameCube] Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
Full nameSuper Mario Sunshine
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Super Mario Sunshine has design with challenges in the 3D environment. This game provides complex controls to challenge themselves. The game’s setting is located on Isle Delfino Island, it has shape like a whale. And there are two main races living on the island (Nokis and Piantas). On the island, Delfino Plaza is the largest city, and it will focus some interesting challenges for players to complete.


The game’s story begins with the Toadsworth’s holiday, Mario and Princess Peach. However, Mario’s evil version appears. He is Shadow Mario and has done various destructive work on the island. Since then, the island has become a mixed place. Mario is accused of causing them, he has to clean up the whole island. To quickly clean, Mario has a device, FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device). Completing the task, Mario also has to participate in the mission to rescue Princess Peach from Shadow Mario’s arrest (he took advantage of Mario’s absence to kidnap the Princess).


In Super Mario Sunshine, players have to travel to different areas of the Isle Delfino Island to collect Shine Sprites. There are 120 Shine Sprites to collect. Besides, each area has a design with different terrains and obstacles along the way. Therefore, players have to focus and get many quick operations to complete. In particular, FLUDD equipment has two effects for players to use in the process of conquering areas.

The first feature is Squirt, which allows Mario to clean his surroundings or kill enemies. The next is Hover, which helps Mario fly in the air for a limited time. However, certain stages will not allow the use of FLUDD, and Mario has to move by normal (running) to cross areas. Along with collecting Shine Sprites and using the two special features, the player has to collect Blue Coins. They will be used in a boathouse at Delfino Plaza in exchange for Shine Sprites.


In addition to the attractive challenge system, this game also received much good feedback on image quality. The game’s context is diverse. The color system is harmonious. In particular, this game is sold with over 6 million copies and is GameCube’s third best-selling game.

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