[GameCube] Tales Of Symphonia

Tales Of Symphonia
Full nameTales Of Symphonia
File size951.9MB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Tales of Symphonia is the fifth version of the Tales Series, a popular Japanese role-playing game. Namco Tales Studio developed this version for Nintendo GameCube platform. In addition, it was first available by Namco in Japan, on August 29, 2003. Besides, a PlayStation 2 version was released on September 22, 2004. In particular, This game also has a version for Microsoft Windows by Other Ocean Interactive.

Game Story

The game’s content takes place in a fantasy world, Sylvarant. In this world, Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage have accompanied Colette Brunel on the resurrective journe Sylvarant. To do that, they had to use large amounts of mana, and they were released by exploring five different temples. However, only Colette can open them. In that process, they met a girl, Sheena Fujibayashi and she was Tethe’allas’s person. She then revealed that Tethe’alla was a parallel world of Sylvarant, and both needed mana power to survive. Besides, both worlds were drawing mana from each other for development. As a result, the group and Sheena went to the angel Remiel to find a way to balance the mana for both worlds.

About the gameplay

With role-playing and adventure elements like the previous versions, players will explore the game in different stages. Each will bring different areas to conquer and personal character (NPC) to chat. Besides, moving between areas will be done in many different forms. You can walk, but it will take a long time to reach your desired location. Or you can also use support vehicles like Rheairds – a vehicle that can fly in the air, Noishe – Lloyd’s pet.

About the gameplay, players will control a group with four different members. In which, a character will be controlled by the player during movement and battle. The others will be controlled by the CPU when fighting. Note, the movement only shows one character (used by the player) and the others will be hidden. As for the battle process, all four characters will display on the screen. In which, three characters of CPU will fight according to a system that the player set up (from the use of offensive skills to defense). Like many other role-playing challenges, completing a mission or successfully conquering a dungeon will bring bonuses (called Grade). Meanwhile, you can buy the necessary equipment from New Game Plus by Grade. For skill development for each character, players will have to depend on the EX Gems and each can equip up to four Gems at a time.


Finally, Tales of Symphonia is beautiful 3D graphics. In particular, the game’s visual system has an animated style to make the battles and movements more attractive. The image details are well and sharp.

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