[Nintendo 64] 007 – The World Is Not Enough

007 – The World Is Not Enough
Full name007 - The World Is Not Enough
File size24.2MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Another Pierce Brosnan as James Bond movie, and another videogame to accompany the film The World is Not Enough. The World is Not Enough for the N64 is not bad at all.


It is easy to have a good story if you stay true to the game’s movie version. The World is Not Enough does precisely that, right down to some of the dialogue featured in the game. The game plays itself out as the movie itself and with only a little variation in the missions (you can’t have Bond just walking out the bank without wasting a few henchmen), and it also includes the likenesses of the characters in the movie. However, the dialogue is voiced by other people and not the actors in the film. It is not an Ian Flemming script, but it is still a good Bond plot with some attractive bad guys.


The controls are easy to use and offer some new concepts for the first-person shooter genre. An available item and weapon selection system can bring up the thing you need to keep going in the game by holding the A button and pressing the B button to select an item. Moving around quickly can be difficult, depending on how old your control stick. Once again, you again strafe around with the C buttons and jump and duck for cover. The control stick moves Bond around, and the movement is kind of slow using that old control stick. The missions vary tremendously, and there are some fun levels involving vehicles and even a level on skis. There are even some bonus levels you can unlock, although I do not think I ever opened them. Multiplayer is innovative enough to use AI bots and various maps and game types to play on. The bots can hold their own, but you can only use up to three and won’t be able to use any if you have all four human players present.

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