[Nintendo 64] All-Star Baseball 2000

All-Star Baseball 2000
Full nameAll-Star Baseball 2000
File size14.0MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

If you are looking for a good game about baseball, All-Star Baseball 2000 is a perfect choice for you. The game was released in 2000.

The gameplay

Players will have the opportunity to participate in exciting matches, control the famous players and compete for glory. Besides, the rules of the game are not different from reality. Players will quickly get used to it. In the game, you will need to understand the mechanics of hitting and throwing a ball. As a baton and batter, you will have to observe the energy bar at the top of the screen to create a fair amount of force. On the screen, you can use a small square-shaped interface and a circular point inside the square to control the direction of the ball. Gamers need to have quick reflexes to be able to make good shots and create a score. Also, the throwing mechanism will be simpler than hitting the ball. In which, players need to choose the angle to throw. However, you can only make a pitch within the allowed area.

The game mode

As a baseball simulation game, there are many teams and characters for players to choose from. There are 30 teams in the Major League and more than 700 players from MLBPA. In addition, the game provides you with 30 stadiums and thousands of fans in each match. There are two main modes, PvE and PvP. In PvE mode, you can choose to join a single match or play in a major tournament like Major League. With PvP mode, two players can choose a team and a player to join the match. In addition to the players appearing on the field, there are also substitution players. Gamers can choose to replace their players when they feel they are not playing well or their health is not good enough. Each player can change up to 3 players during a match.

The visual

The 3D graphics of All-Star Baseball 2000 are well-designed. Compared to other games released at the same time, this game has a great graphics system. It is highly appreciated. Besides, the action of the character is designed very realistic and smooth, which attracts players at first sight. Also, the fans on the field are not much concerned. Their sound will be louder when cheering. With a frame rate of 640×480, most of the game’s details are clearly displayed.

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