[Nintendo 64] All-Star Baseball 2001

All-Star Baseball 2001
Full nameAll-Star Baseball 2001
File size14.0MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

All-Star Baseball 2001 is an interesting sports game, which will bring gamers lots of baseball legends and exciting matches. In the game, you will control the famous players like Willie Stargell, Yogi Berra or Reggie Jackson. Besides, the game allows you to manage many different teams and enjoy the fascinating competition to find the champion at the end of each tournament.

All-Star Baseball 2001 is built with more than 700 professional players, which makes you more options to set different strategies. Like other games with the same content, All-Star Baseball 2001 offers you a variety of game modes, including single-player and multi-player. In the game, you can be with the other three other players to participate and compete with each other. With the familiar rules of baseball, you will discover two different positions, including batter and pitcher. The batter’s role is to make accurate shots and take the opponent’s player a lot of time to bring the ball back to the pegs. To get high scores for the team, you need to make many Home Run shots. Besides, the pitcher’s role is to use many precise pitching techniques to eliminate the opponent’s batter after 3 throws. Along with discovering 2 familiar positions above, players can also enjoy more than 100 different positions. Also, the unique ball postures are designed based on famous players such as Darryl Strawberry or Frank Thomas.

In addition, the game provides you with a new feature, which is an advanced A.I system. It will bring more intense competition for players. To defeat the A.I in a single-player mode, you need to have calm and good control of the players. Besides, you also need to arrange a reasonable playing team and choose the players with good techniques.

The game maker has prepared many different game stages, from easy to hard. With Quickplay mode, you can choose one of the many teams to participate in random matches. Unlike Quickplay, Arcade Quickplay allows players to select their favorite team and custom the competition before starting each game. As for Batting Practice, you are involved in various training tasks to improve your playing skills. This mode will prepare many special challenges for players.

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