[Nintendo 64] Army Men – Air Combat

Army Men – Air Combat
Full nameArmy Men - Air Combat
File size4.7MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Army Men: Air Combat is the next version of Army Men: Air Attack. This version only upgraded on graphics and gameplay to enhance the gaming experience.

The game content

In the game, the story revolves around the war between the blue water and the Tan empire. The air force plays an important role in the Tan Empire’s plan. An elite squadron of the green army has been established to deal with that plan. They consist of 4 members . Each character will own a separate plane like uh1-Huey, Ah64-apache, Ch47-Chinook, Ch53-Super Stallion. The main character of the game is Captain William Blade. After passing many missions, the player can unlock four auxiliary pilots, including Woodstock, Rawcoat, Hardcore and Sargent Hawk. Each battle will be a difficult level, in which players need to destroy all enemies. Besides, they must protect important targets of allies such as UFO, trains, tanks, teddy bears, helicopters…

The gameplay

At the beginning of the game, players have to choose uh1-Huey to participate in the fight. You need to control the plane to move anywhere on the map and follow the command of the commander. Your aircraft has miniguns and missiles. In which, Minigun has unlimited number of bullets, but its power is quite weak. To quickly destroy heavy targets like tanks or enemy bases, you need to use rockets. However, the rocket will have a limit. You need to pay attention to the number of missiles displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. After killing enemies, you will earn bonus points and rockets. However, rockets will not appear much, so you should save them. For bonus points, you can use them to unlock stronger aircraft. This is an important job, as well as make you interested in. The new helicopters are more offensive, carry more weapons and have stronger armor. In addition, the game has 16 levels of difficulty for players to overcome. Each of them has unique characteristic and requires you to have different way to complete. The longer you play the game, the more difficult the challenges will be. Therefore, you have to focus more on upgrading your equipment.

The game mode

Once you’re fed up with campaign mode, you can invite your friends to join the multiplayer mode. In which, there are many different mini-games such as shooting competition, rescue missions and races. Shooting is a competitive minigame. In this game, the two players will control their aircraft and engage in a battle to destroy the enemy. The one who kills more enemies will win. In rescuing minigame, the two players will work together on a rescue mission to help the allies escape the encirclement of the enemy. Besides, when participating in the racing minigame, the two players will use the plane and transport food to the factory in the center of the map. They are very exciting that have attracted more and more gamers.

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