[Nintendo 64] Asteroids Hyper 64

Asteroids Hyper 64
Full nameAsteroids Hyper 64
File size5.2MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Asteroids Hyper 64 is an interesting game, in which you will control a spaceship in outer space and destroy asteroids or comets. The obstacles above will appear and plunge into your spacecraft in many different directions. Therefore, you must have a good vision to recognize hazards and protect the spacecraft. Destroying asteroids or comets will help you get bonus points. To destroy more meteors and achieve high points, the game has prepared many different energy blocks for you to collect. Each will have a unique feature to help you complete the task such as protective shields, upgrade weapons… Besides, you can distinguish the features of each energy block based on their characteristic colors.

In addition, Asteroids Hyper 64 has four game modes, including single-player, Tow Rope Co-Op (allows four players), Death Match and Color Clearance. In which, the single-player mode allows you to set your records and save in the game’s achievement charts. As for the remaining three modes, you will be competing with other players. Joining the multiplayer mode will bring many exciting matches. In multiplayer challenges, you need to achieve high scores to be able to beat other players.

Besides, the game has 50 unique levels for you to explore. They will correspond to five different regions, each of which will have a boss. However, this game has a certain limitation. It lacks unexpected challenges. The first 15 levels are designed with simple challenges. Therefore, it is easy to create boring for players at the beginning of the game. Also, asteroids and obstacles will be arranged in 15 different categories. In particular, there are four new types of obstacles that you need to pay attention to. With Asteroids – radioactive energy, approaching this asteroid will disable the weapons system, and you will lose control of the spacecraft. Some asteroids may explode randomly. Sometimes, asteroids are likely to disappear on the map, making them undetectable and only noticeable when they are approaching the spacecraft. Finally, some asteroids may suddenly appear at random positions on the playground and crash into your spacecraft. Therefore, you always concentrate on the game.

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