[Nintendo 64] Battlezone – Rise Of The Black Dogs

Battlezone – Rise Of The Black Dogs
Full nameBattlezone - Rise Of The Black Dogs
File size10.4MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs is an interesting game with a fictional storyline and war context in outer space. In the game, gamers will discover a unique battle among 3 forces, including the United States, Black Dogs and the Soviet Union.


The story began when the US government built a new base on the Moon. This base was built for studying the artifacts of aliens found on the Moon. Outside of the United States, the Soviet Union also began a research and control campaign for part of the Moon. After discovering the appearance of aliens’ antiques containing by Americans, the Soviet Union built a new military base on the Moon to steal American research on aliens. When the two countries were confronting tensions, a mysterious organization appeared and declared war on the two powers. They also wanted to steal research related to alien objects. This organization was the Black Dogs.

The game mode and gameplay

With a fierce battle on the Moon, players will enjoy 3 game modes, including Pilot, Arcade and Commander. The main task in the above game modes is to drive through many different areas and fight the enemies. Besides, you can discover and use a lot of unique war equipment. In which, there are over 14 types of tanks and 30 different weapons.

In addition, the game provides you with the Pilot mode. In which you will join the battle in the available mission system. The tasks are relatively simple. You just need to move to the required areas or kill all enemies that you encounter along the way. With 3 different factions, you enjoy 3 separate mission systems. However, the mission system of each faction is somewhat similar and can make you feel bored when you have to perform 1 task multiple times.

Besides, the Commander is a real-time strategy mode, which is one of the most engaging game modes of the game. In this mode, you have the task of controlling resources and building a military force for competing with A.I. With addictive strategic challenges, you need to have smart battle plans to defeat the enemy and protect your base.

Finally, the Arcade mode is somewhat simpler when you can participate in any matches and face multiple enemies at once. Your mission is to survive as long as possible and defeat as many enemies as possible.

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