[Nintendo 64] Beetle Adventure Racing!

Beetle Adventure Racing!
Full nameBeetle Adventure Racing!
File size11.6MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Beetle Adventure Racing! is a great racing game. It will take palyers to the fierce race of Beetle cars, which were manufactured by Volkswagen. In early 1999, Electronic Arts released the game to compete with other racing games. Its gameplay is not too different from other games of the same genre.

In Beetle Adventure Racing!, players will control a Beetle car to race and compete with seven other opponents. Each race will consist of 3 laps and the player needs to reach the 1st position to win the final. In the game, Championship is the biggest tournament, in which you need to participate in many different races to win the championship mode and get bonus points. It is divided into 4 levels, including Novice, Advanced, Professional and Bonus Circuit. To unlock new levels, gamers have to become the best racer in the championship. The Bonus Circuit is a secretly difficult level that needs the player to unlock all previous levels to participate. Besides, the game has a multiplayer mode. In this mode, 4 players can join a race in Beetle Battle. They will try their best top racer. Besides, the game has two different maps for players to explore. Each map is designed with many landscapes. To unlock new maps, players need to win the championship.

Besides, in the championship, there will be barrels randomly appearing on the track. These boxes may be Point Crates, Nitro crates and Cheat Crate. Collecting Point Crates will get you extra bonus points to repair your racing car. The game requires players to use 50 to 70 points to repair their vehicle, depending on the difficulty level. In this point, the best way for players to win more easily and collect more Point Crates is by using shortcuts. Shortcuts will not appear on the mini-map. Players need some time to find them. Once you have collected all Point Crates, you will receive 100 points and unlock Arena In Beetle Battle Mode. To accelerate in a short period, gamers need to collect Nitro crates. Cheat Crate is a special barrel, which is suitable for cheating players. When collecting a Cheat Crate, the game will unlock the cheat menu and help players do certain cheating activities in the race. Besides, an egg is hidden in the cheat menu for players to explore. It will change the look of the cheat menu with images of game developers.

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