[Nintendo 64] Big Mountain 2000

Big Mountain 2000
Full nameBig Mountain 2000
File size5.2MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Skiing is an interesting kind of sports in the world. However, it is still popular in some cold countries because people need to go to the snowy mountains to experience this sport. Many people do not have enough free time and money to buy support equipment. Therefore, the simulation sport game of skiing will meet the needs of those who do not qualify. Big Mountain 2000 is such a great game from Southpeak Interactive developer.

At the beginning of the game, there are 3 options for you to choose from, such as championship, dual-player competition and time attack. Each game mode has a tutorial. So, new players do not need to worry about learning the game. In particular, the championship mode is the main game mode, which offers a major tournament. After selecting this game mode, there are other options for players to use like gear, race type and stage. These three options help players change the style of the tournament their way. Besides, gamers need to overcome many different matches to win the championship and unlock new gear. In Time attack, the game will take players to a more intense race. They will have to finish before the time is over. During the race, you just need to accelerate and avoid obstacles along the way, such as rocks, trees, crevices… to reach the finish line. Lastly, Two-player competition is the most attractive game mode. You and another player will have to compete in the race to win.

The game simulates realistic physical regulations such as speed, snow smoothness, terrain and skateboard braking. When you brake, your character will drift a short distance, and you need to keep your balance. Also, your character will fall when you lean to one side too many times. A balance meter helps players identify dangers so they can adjust their gameplay.

In addition to the fascinating race, gear is also something that many players are interested in. The game has 3 different types of gear, including On-Yo-Ne, Bonfire and Salomon. These gear types will be unlocked when the player becomes the winner of the Championship. The name of the gear is the sponsor of the major ski competitions. Each gear type will have different design styles and colours. Players will feel more excited when they get favourite one. Besides, gear also brings some special abilities to assist players in the match. You should not miss unlocking and upgrading your gear for getting more fun.

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