[Nintendo 64] Biohazard 2

Biohazard 2
Full nameBiohazard 2
File size59.3MB
Genre Action , Horror
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Resident Evil is a familiar name to horror game fans, which is a famous series as well as has been adapted into movies and games. However, the story of the movie and the game are not the same. In 1998, Capcom continued to release the second part of the Resident Evil series called BIOHAZARD 2 (Resident Evil2). This version was available on many different platforms like Windows, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, GameCube, Dreamcast and Game.com.

The story

As about the story, Leon S. Kennedy is a police officer working the first day at Raccoon City. On that day, the disaster happened when the Umbrella organization released T-viruses into the air. Many people in the city have turned into zombies and attacked others. Claire Redfield arrived in Raccoon City to find her brother Chris. But Chris had completed the mission and left the city for investigating Umbrella. During the journey, Claire met little Sherry Birkin, who was fleeing from strange creatures. After that, Leon met Ada Wong while she was looking for her boyfriend, John. Then, Leon and Claire Redfield had to pass through the central police station to find a way out of the city. During the journey, they face the zombie dogs, Tyrant and G-virus. Claire, Leon and Sherry have boarded an umbrella ship to escape from the city. The nightmare was not over when the monster carrying G-virus repeatedly regenerated and threatened them. Finally, Leon uses a wagon filled with explosives to destroy the G-virus and escape from Raccoon City. Ada Wong completed her espionage mission and brought the G-virus to the mysterious organization.

The gameplay

In addition, the gameplay depends greatly on Story. The player will have to overcome many dangers to escape from Raccoon City. You will be able to choose one of the two main characters, Claire Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy, to start the game. Each character will own a different story and lead to a unique end. Also, the game has a lot of obstacles for players to overcome, such as puzzles, monsters, looking for keys… Monsters will constantly appear to stop you. At this point, you can use the guns to destroy them. Besides, the HP bar is an important detail for completing the game. You can collect herbs and mix them to recover your HP bar. To solve puzzles and collect new weapons, players need to use the police diary and find clues for collecting the necessary pieces.

The visual

BIOHAZARD 2 is a great game in terms of graphics and story. The puzzle is challenging but interesting. However, the camera system is not well optimized, which is the biggest problem of the game.

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