[Nintendo 64] Blast Corps (V1.1)

Blast Corps (V1.1)
Full nameBlast Corps (V1.1)
File size6.6MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Blast Corps is an interesting video game with unique gameplay, which was released on Nintendo 64 by Nintendo in 1997. In the game, players have to control big vehicles to destroy buildings on the path of an aircraft carrier. The game has 57 levels of difficulty, each of which will bring you separate tasks.

The game content

Initially, the vehicle will appear in a random position on the map. You will use the buttons to move it and destroy buildings on the map. There are some solid constructions that you won’t be able to destroy immediately. To destroy work faster, gamers should upgrade to increase the speed of the vehicle for destroying all obstacles on the way. The goals that players need to destroy are designed diversely, such as farms, factories, tall buildings, military barracks, oil tanks… After destroying an obstacle, you will receive a bonus from the game. To get more bonuses, players need to destroy multiple targets to form a combo. After that, you can use the bonus to unlock new vehicles or upgrades the current ones.

In addition to destroying obstacles, the player have to solve puzzles to overcome difficult levels. They are designed for each level. However, they are often signal lights that appear on the ground. Players need to trig all signal lights to pass the level. In addition to your vehicle, there will be an explosive or cargo vehicle on the map. Some levels will require players to solve puzzles within a limited time. You need to help this vehicle reach its designated location without damage. When this car collides with an obstacle, it will explode and you have to replay the level. After passing the difficulty level, you can replay the level indefinitely for additional bonuses.

The vehicle collection

In Blast Corps, there are many new vehicles for you to unlock, such as bulldozers, trucks, excavators, buggy cars, rocket launchers, robots, mechs… Each of them has a unique ability to destroy buildings. For example, a truck can push two blocks of solid objects from the body of the vehicle to destroy obstacles from either side; a robot or a mech can destroy large targets like a castle.

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