[Nintendo 64] Blues Brothers 2000

Blues Brothers 2000
Full nameBlues Brothers 2000
File size13.5MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Blues Brothers 2000 is a unique platform game, which was developed based on a famous American movie. The game was released in 2 main markets, including Europe (on October 13, 2000) and North America (on November 17, 2000). In the game, you will have to solve many different puzzles and defeat enemies to Rescuing music band members. At the beginning of the game, you will start with controlling Elwood and must escape from prison. Gamers have to move through many different areas to search for the keys. Besides collecting keys, you also have to overcome many different traps and fight the guards. There are many areas inside the prison, such as the medical area, kitchen and cell. Each will have a specific enemy you need to defeat. In addition to escaping from prison, you have to find guitar players, Cab. He was detained in a secret location in a prison. Therefore, players need to cross different areas to find him.

After completing the Cab rescue mission, you will move to a new area to complete the next challenges. In which, you have to find and rescue the remaining two members in his band, Buster and Mac. Mac is confined inside Willie Club. To rescue Mac, you need to defeat the boss at this stage, Willie. Next, Mac will tell you that Buster has escaped and is currently hiding in an old graveyard. After that, you continue to move to the graveyard to find Buster. When you arrive here, you discover Buster is trapped in a cage, and an evil tree is the culprit of the above action. The final battle will take place in a swamp, and you must destroy the evil tree to rescue Buster.

To have rescued all members of the band from the trouble above, you will have to defeat all the bosses. Each stage will take place in a different area and they will be designed with many dangerous traps. Therefore, you need skillful control of the character to run and avoid obstacles. Besides, the game also has some support tools to help you complete the challenge. You should pay attention to pick up them for completing the game quickly.

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