[Nintendo 64] Body Harvest

Body Harvest
Full nameBody Harvest
File size6.5MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Body Harvest is an alien project that aims to collect human bodies on earth. On a 25-year cycle, they will return to earth and carry out their work. After completing the work, aliens will return to the comets that they created in outer space. While implementing the project, aliens will create a shield to prevent the human from escaping or getting support. Their first target was Greece in 1916. Next, they came to southern Spain, eastern Canada and an island in the east of Japan. In 1941, the United States suffered this disaster. The last time that the project took place was in 1991 in Siberia.

In the game, players will control Adam Drake, who lives at Omega space station in 2016. This space station is the last hope of humanity on the attack of aliens. In that battle, humans won but suffered heavy losses. The Alpha I machine was created so that one could travel through time and return to the past. Adam Drake was chosen to fulfill his mission against aliens and protect humankind.

Players will have to overcome the difficulty level corresponding to the period when the aliens came to earth. Your goal is to control Adam Drake to many areas containing alien and stop them. Besides, the enemy will attack you from the ground, the sky and the sea. You will have to avoid enemy attacks and use weapons to destroy them. After completing the task, gamers can track the map to know which area needs to be protected in the next mission. When you use weapons, the people will die if they are in the affected area. A colorful warning bar is placed under the Hp bar that will tell you this. When this bar is filled, you will fail and have to play again. In addition to destroying aliens, you also have to rescue the captured people. This helps your limit bar not increase too fast and pass the difficulty level easier. On the way, there will be armored cars. You should take advantage of these cars to defend from attacks of aliens. Also, these cars are fast and will help you complete the task faster.

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