[Nintendo 64] Bomberman 64 – Arcade Edition

Bomberman 64 – Arcade Edition
Full nameBomberman 64 - Arcade Edition
File size6.4MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Bomberman 64 – Arcade Edition is a great game, which was released exclusively in Japan under the collaboration of Hudson Soft and Racjin  in 2001. In this version, the gameplay is completely different from the game of the same name called Bomberman 64 (released in Japan in 1997).

The gameplay

When participating in Bomberman 64 – Arcade Edition, you can move in four different directions (up, down, left or right) to overcome enemies and obstacles. Also, the map will be built like a maze with many obstacles and different paths. To open new paths, you need to place bombs next to objects to destroy them (rocks, wooden crates…). In addition, you will control the character with a top view, which helps you easily view the map and choose the right path. Besides eliminating obstacles, you must also destroy the monsters on the map. The game will be designed on many different levels. Each of them will have unique map system. Besides, there are support items on each map to help you complete levels quickly. Supporting items will be inside bricks or wooden crates. You should pay attention to collect them and place multiple bombs at the same time to increase the damage range. Finally, some levels also allow you to control and ride different animals.

The game mode

Bomberman 64 – Arcade Edition has many game modes. The most prominent are three modes: Bomberman multiplayer, Bomberman single-player and Panic Bomber. In Bomberman multiplayer, you will enjoy multiplayer battles. This mode allows four players to participate in. Your main task in this mode is to kill other players within the time. In Bomberman single player, the game will bring you many different levels. Also, you have to fight and destroy bosses in each level. Then, you can move to the next stage. After defeating all enemies on the map, the game will bring 2 exits with different colors for you to choose (yellow and red). Each way will take you to a new battle map. Finally, Panic Bomber is a unique game mode that is designed based on the intellectual challenges of Tetris Games. In this mode, the challenges are similar to Tetris Games. They require you to have good thinking ability.

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