[Nintendo 64] Bomberman 64 – The Second Attack!

Bomberman 64 – The Second Attack!
Full nameBomberman 64 - The Second Attack!
File size10.5MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In the first version, Bomberman won over Altair and Sirius. Coming to the second version – Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, our main character decided to celebrate victory on a planet with hot springs. However, he discovered a strange egg and decided to bring it aboard the spacecraft. On the way, Bomberman’s spacecraft was suddenly sucked into a mysterious black hole. After that, he woke up inside a prison. In prison, the strange egg that Bomberman brought along began to hatch and the creature that emerged from the egg was a machine called Pommy. With the help of Pommy, Bomberman successfully escaped from the prison. Then, he discovered that Knights Astral and Rukifellth were trying to collect elemental crystals. They have collected various elemental crystals but have not yet collected the fire crystal because Bomberman was keeping it. From there, Bomberman and Pommy get a new mission. They will have to collect elemental crystals and prevent bad guys from collecting seven elemental stones. In this new journey, the main character met many new villains. In particular, he met Lilith – a mysterious girl who has the same purpose as Bomberman.

In addition, finding elemental stones is not easy because there are many obstacles and elemental knights try to destroy you on the way (they are controlled by the Angel). The game will bring you many areas for you to fight. After defeating the knights, you will find the way to enter Noah – the legendary ship that saved humanity’s life before God’s punishment to enter the final stage of the game. Here, you will have to confront the BHB army. Besides, you have to fight with characters like Lilith who was being possessed by Mihaele or Rukifellth who was controlled by the demon Sthertoth. He killed Regulus. In it, Regulus and Mihaele are the last bosses you must defeat. They will combine into the Angel of Light and Dark at the end of the game. After defeating these two angels, they will agree to free Lilith and Rukifellth and revive the elemental knights.

Compared to the old version, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack is designed with a new type of explosion (explosion in a cross shape instead of a round explosion as before). Besides, you can combine normal bombs with the elements to create powerful elemental bombs. In addition, gamers can collect armour pieces to use special skills like bombing and remote bombing. Finally, you have the task of raising Pommy. It will eat different foods to grow. Also, you can control Pommy in multiplayer mode.

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