[Nintendo 64] Bomberman 64

Bomberman 64
Full nameBomberman 64
File size4.9MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Bomberman 64 (1997 video game) is the first version of the popular game series Bomberman from Hudson Soft. In which, players will control Bomberman in the journey of protecting Bomber Planet and defeat the space pirates. Space pirates often move from planet to planet to drain the planet’s energy with the Omni Cube. It serves the purpose of invading space. In particular, the leader of the space pirate is Altair, who owns a huge fortress – the Black Fort. In addition, under his control, there are three other pirates, including Orion, Artemis and Regulus. After destroying a beautiful planet, their new target is Bomber Planet. The Black Fort moved inside the atmosphere of Bomber Planet and began firing on innocent people. They use energy rays to destroy people’s cities and towns. In this situation, Bomberman saw a mysterious warrior fly out of the Black Fort. Meeting the mysterious warrior, Bomberman asked for his help to prevent this crazy invasion. And the main character received a hint. The Black Fort is protected by a special energy field, which helps it prevent attacks from outside. To destroy this protective layer, you need to destroy four anchors of the fortress. In addition, four anchors connected to four certain areas (Green Garden, White Snow River, Red Mountain and Green Resort).

With the help of the mysterious warrior (known as Sirius), Bomberman destroyed four anchors and lowered the protective power of the Black Fort. During the task of destroying four anchors, Artemis and Orion were killed. Regulus was lucky to escape successfully. After entering the fortress, Bomberman and Sirius sought to destroy the Altair. After that, the truth was revealed. Sirius only used Bomberman to steal the Omni Cube and use it for his Rainbow Palace. Knowing the truth, the protagonist arrested Sirius with Regulus’s help to eliminate this traitor.

To complete the challenges, you will control Bomberman and move in eight different directions. The main abilities that Bomberman can use are picking up bombs, rocks and throwing bombs. When performing missions, you will have to move through many areas with a lot of enemies. Besides, you must defeat four bosses, including Artemis, Orion, Regulus and Altair to end the game.

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