[Nintendo 64] Bomberman Hero

Bomberman Hero
Full nameBomberman Hero
File size9.0MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Bomberman is a very familiar name for many young people. The game series Bomberman has released many versions, each of which gave players a completely new experience. In this series, Bomberman Hero is the most special version designed based on 3D graphics. In the game, the story began when a princess stole secret data from the Garaden empire with a robot. After her arrest, Bomberman received the news and prepared to carry out a plan to attack the Garaden Empire. However, the country wanted to make an exchange between the princess and the data disk. The purpose of the Garaden Empire is to revive the supreme leader Bagular, who was defeated by Bomberman in Super Bomberman 3.

Bomberman’s journey will be very dangerous. He must travel through 4 worlds including Mazone Star, Primus Star, Kanatia Star, and Planet Bomber. In each world, evil forces will appear to prevent Bomberman from continuing the journey. You have to help him collect blue energy blocks and defeat the enemies. In which collecting these energy stones will help players gain additional points. Also, they must collect many support items at each level by destroying wooden boxes. The support items will help Bomberman own unique abilities in a short time. Please take advantage of these support items to move to the farthest on the game map. At the end of each world, Bomberman will face bosses from other kingdoms including Bolban, Endol, Baruda, and Garaden. Along the way, Bomberman will meet many friends and get help from them as Louie and Black Bomber. After receiving more information from her friends, Bomberman continued to chase the princess, Millian. However, she was transferred to the next world. In Mazone, Princess Millian met Bomberman in a small laboratory. She gave him a more dangerous task than collecting the rest of the plate. After receiving all the items in the next few levels, Bomberman handed the completed plate to Millian. In fact, Natia was disguised as Millian, and she was a spy of Garaden. Bomberman defeated Natia and Cronus, but the data to revive Bagular was transferred to Garaden. Finally, Bomberman continues his journey to the Garaden Star to destroy Bagular once again. At the end of the war, Bagular destroyed the Garaden star for destroying Bomberman. The game’s story ends here, and no one can be sure that Bomberman could survive or not after the big explosion.

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