[Nintendo 64] Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble
Full nameBuck Bumble
File size4.9MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Buck Bumble is an interesting RPG from Argonaut Software. It was released by Ubi Soft. In the game, the story began when an oil spill incident happened at a large chemical plant in London in 2010. Many animals had been destroyed. Other animals still survived. In particular, insects have the most powerful evolution after this incident. Most of these mutant insects have formed large colonies, threatening the lives of humans and other creatures. After a short period, they attacked and captured most countries on earth. So a crazy project was created called Animal cyborg. In this project, humans will assemble mechanical parts into a bee called Buck Bumble, which turned it into a slaughter machine. In the game, you control the bee and defeat the insect army of the Herd empire. Besides, humans and friendly insects have formed an organization called the resistance. The ultimate goal of this organization is to help Bumble destroy the mantis queen of the Herd empire.

In addition, gamers can control the bee in space and destroy the opponent. Bumble can shoot off energy rays to kill other insects. Also, the enemy possesses natural weapons to attack gamers. You will need to dodge enemies. In the game, a Hp bar will be displayed in the left corner of the screen. Next to the HP bar is a Radar for players to detect danger around them. After killing enemies, you will earn bonus points and new weapons. Bumble can change weapons for more power. In the game, the weapon system is very diverse, such as Lazer guns, stun guns, rockets and guided missiles. Each of them will be suitable to destroy a certain enemy type. However, the number of bullets will be limited. Players need to use weapons appropriately to destroy enemies as quickly as possible and save bullets. In addition to destroying enemies, you can perform the tasks, such as placing bombs or protecting allies. Moreover, you can invite your friends to join together and overcome 19 difficulty levels of the game. When two players appear, the exterminated insects will drop more weapons, and their numbers will increase.

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