[Nintendo 64] Bug’s Life, A

Bug’s Life, A
Full nameBug's Life, A
File size10.2MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Bug’s Life A is an interesting role-playing game released in 1999 by Walt Disney. The game has a great story based on the story of the Disney/Pixar film of the same name about the life of an ant named Flik. In the game, players can play from the perspective of an ant. Everything in his eyes becomes big and strange.

The gameplay

Starting the game, you will control Flik to collect food for the queen. Food is the seeds scattered around the game’s map. To arrive at the location of these seeds, you need to solve puzzles and cross the diverse terrain. On the ground, there will be some types of mushrooms, fruits, seeds… whose colors are always changing. You need to control the character to pick up these objects and throw them on the ground. They will then turn into larger leaves and mushrooms to help you climb higher. In addition to collecting seeds, you also need to fight other insects such as bees, cockroaches, flies, ants… They always tend to steal your seeds or attack your ant nest. You can destroy them with the attack button on the control panel. The character will throw a red ball at the opponent to destroy them. To upgrade your weapons, you need to move around the map and look for different fruits like mega homing berry, Super berry, homing berry or Gold berry. After collecting fruits, your weapons will be upgraded and have special abilities for destroying enemies more easily. To overcome the difficulty level, players need to collect the entire seed on the map and the letters F, L, I, K. After that, you move to the designated place on the map for moving to the next difficulty level.

The graphics

In addition to the highly appreciated gameplay, Bug’s Life A has a beautiful 3D graphics system. The ambient scenes are designed and changed at each level. With many different difficulty levels, players will always get new experiences. Also, character details and other insects are vividly displayed on the device’s screen. However, the camera angles are not really good. Players will feel uncomfortable when the camera angle is not facing the enemy. The sound of the game is highly appreciated with relaxing music, which helps players feel comfortable.

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