[Nintendo 64] Carmageddon 64

Carmageddon 64
Full nameCarmageddon 64
File size11.1MB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Carmageddon 64 is a fascinating game, which brings addictive races in the world invaded by zombies. This crazy epidemic had quickly spread throughout the world, and the number of uninfected people was increased. This disaster began on June 6, 2026, called the Red Friday. The energy from the sun started to change and caused the Earth’s temperature to rise dramatically. Since then, it had adversely affected the atmosphere of the Earth and made people poisoned. The poisoned people will be transformed into dangerous zombies. Besides the infected people, someone was lucky to survive by quickly hiding inside Climate Emulation Centers. In Climate Emulation Centers, life is safer than the outside world that has been invaded by zombies. However, it creates a feeling of imprisonment, and people do not have a comfortable life. However, an unexpected event changed the lifestyle at Climate Emulation Centers. In an area called Old Detroit, three individuals held a small race at an old racecourse. From there, people began organizing various races, and the government agreed with this initiative. And the reward for those who win these races is to get a new life in the human colony in outer space – Alpha Gutala. In this colony, people lead a much safer and more comfortable life than in Climate Emulation Centers. Therefore, a new philosophy was conceived from the survivors on Earth – Driving for survival.

Carmageddon 64 offers four game modes, including Single Player, Quick Start, Head To Head and Practice. With single-player mode, you will have to overcome 10 different levels. In particular, each will be arranged in 4 different missions, including 3 main tasks and 1 special. After completing 4 missions at 1 level, you can unlock the next level. In the next one, players can freely rediscover them without following a certain sequence. Joining each race and destroying the races on the track will help you get a bonus. After accumulating enough bonus, you can repair and upgrade your racing car. Besides, the game is designed with 23 characters. Each character will own one vehicle.

The remaining three modes are somewhat easier to understand than Single Player. In which Practice will provide basic tasks and instructions to familiarize you with the challenges of the game. Head To Head is a multiplayer mode. Finally, QuickStart will bring you random matches.

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