[Nintendo 64] Castlevania – Legacy Of Darkness

Castlevania – Legacy Of Darkness
Full nameCastlevania - Legacy Of Darkness
File size12.5MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Continuing with the quest to prevent the count Dracula from reviving, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness brings a new storyline and new characters for players to enjoy. However, you still discover the crazy and scary challenges like the previous versions. Also, the game still has intensive combat missions and many powerful enemies for you to defeat. Besides, some familiar survival missions (transporting items and overcoming traps, escaping from mazes under the pursuit of indestructible enemies) will continue to test your perseverance and patient during the mission.

The story

In this version, the story is set in 1844, revolving around the journey to rescue the sister. She was kidnapped and taken to the castle Dracula of a man, who is capable of transforming into a werewolf – Cornell. Specifically, the story begins when Cornell returns to his village to find it has been attacked and destroyed by Dracula’s henchmen. Then, he discovers a necklace of his sister – Ada, and follows the scent on it to find her. Next, Cornell discovered his sister being kept in Dracula Castle and the earl’s servants wanted to use her to revive their master. During his journey, Cornell met the Oldrey family. After that, he was asked by Mary, the owner of the family, to take her son to safety. A member of their family was turned into a vampire by the servants of Dracula (Actawn and Gilles de Rais). Later on, the heir to the Oldrey family – Henry Oldrey, will return to Castlevania to fight the evils that took place at Castle Dracula.

Conquer the challenges

During the game, you have to move through many different areas to complete the mission. Each area will bring different enemies and traps to overcome. Besides, the game has a large map system, in which players need to focus to be able to find reasonable ways. At the end of each stage, there are dangerous bosses that you need to defeat. On the way, there will still be many items with different effects for you to collect. Also, the time system with the day and night cycle is still available to bring real challenges to players. A new feature of this version is an upgraded imaging system, which helps to bring smoother movements.

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