[Nintendo 64] Castlevania (V1.2)

Castlevania (V1.2)
Full nameCastlevania (V1.2)
File size9.0MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

The story

Castlevania (1999 video game) is a great fighting game of Konami’s Kobe. In the game, it brings two main characters for you to use. They are Reinhardt Schneider – heir of the Belmont family and Carrie Fernandez – an orphan who is capable of using magic. These two characters are responsible for preventing the revival of Count Dracula. This villain is expected to revive after a century of hibernation. To defeat him, you need to break into his castle and overcome many dangerous traps. Besides, Dracula also has loyal minions, which will find a way to destroy you so that the boss can be revived safely.

The gameplay

At the beginning of the game, players can choose 1 of 2 main characters to use. Each of them will have different offensive skills. They can perform melee attack skills with daggers or use long-range attack skills to defeat enemies. In which, Reinhardt Schneider will use the whip while Carrie Fernandez uses the energy ball. Besides, gamers will begin the quest from outside the castle and need to overcome many monsters along the way to reach the castle. Also, each stage will bring 1 boss for you to defeat. Along with facing many dangerous monsters, there are many pitfalls that you must pay attention to. During the game, you can collect many different items to use. They will be hidden by destroyable items along the way or you can use the money to buy support items (bonuses collected from killing monsters).

In addition to fighting and defeating monsters in Dracula’s castle, players also discover some fascinating survival missions in different stages of the game. During the stage in the maze garden – controlled by Villa, you have to follow Malus’s instructions to avoid the chase of the indestructible enemies in the back. At the center of the castle, the game requires you to transport special items (magic nitro) to a safe location. However, the transport process requires gamers to move skillfully to overcome the complex traps system and obstacles along the way. Only a careless movement will cause the item to be destroyed and exploded. From there, the character will be killed and the mission stopped.

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