[Nintendo 64] Chameleon Twist 2

Chameleon Twist 2
Full nameChameleon Twist 2
File size5.0MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Unlike the first version, Chameleon Twist 2 only has 1 player mode. That’s right, the developer has removed the multiplayer mode. The plot of season 2 will take place after the events that ended in season 1. Davy along with Linda, Fred and Jack are on a picnic in the woods, they are still backpacking from their first adventure and are still working. stretch by playing seesaw. However, a white rabbit suddenly appeared and it fell from the air. Then, the white rabbit fell onto the seesaw, sending Davy flying into the air. After that, the chameleon was transformed to a shape that almost resembled a human. Next, it begins the quest to find and collect 6 carrots in 6 different worlds. Six worlds in the game include: Sky Land, Carnival Land, Ice Land, Great Edo Land, Toy Land and Pyramid Land.

Before starting the game, you will be allowed to choose 1 of the 4 main characters of the game to control. You can easily distinguish the characters in the game through their appearance and color. Davy is green, Jack is blue, Fred is yellow and Linda is pink with a beautiful yellow bow. Compared to the gameplay of the old version, Chameleon Twist 2 has made certain changes to bring more enjoyable experiences for players. Some new movements have been added in the game. In addition to moving across the screen like the old version, this game also allows players to control the character to move vertically in some situations. For example, you can jump into the areas below at a slow speed while using an umbrella. Besides, 6 worlds will bring you 6 different bosses to fight. Each boss will own their own special battle area. To defeat the bosses, you must move quickly and skillfully to avoid the attack skills from them. In addition, you need to use the support equipment that appears on the map to destroy them and receive rewards.

Along with the mission to collect carrots and defeat the boss at the end of each world. You also have the task of collecting gold coins that appear on the way. There are 20 gold coins in total in each level and they will be arranged in different areas for you to collect. Accumulating enough gold coins on the map will help you double your bonus points at the end of each stage. Besides, the game also prepares many unique outfits for each character and you can change the appearance of the character in the Costume section. Besides the main missions, the game allows players to play a number of different mini-games to get extra bonus points. You will be able to participate in mini-games after talking with white rabbits on the way.

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