[Nintendo 64] Chopper Attack

Chopper Attack
Full nameChopper Attack
File size5.2MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

With the task of controlling battle helicopters, Chopper Attack allows people to explore the stressful feeling of a combat pilot. In the game, you will manage a helicopter. Your task is to destroy all enemies on the map. However, it is not easy when enemies will attack you continuously. They possess many defense systems, such as radar, air defense missiles and anti-aircraft rockets. To overcome the enemy’s defense system, you need to control your helicopter very well. Besides, you also need to move skillfully to avoid the enemies and destroy the enemy’s defenses before they can attack you.

The game has different types of attack helicopters. Each helicopter will have unique specifications. Depending on the mission and fighting style you love, you can choose an appropriate aircraft before starting a combat mission. In addition to the diverse number of helicopters, the game also prepares many weapons systems (missiles, bombs) for you. You can buy them with bonuses that you have accumulated from the battles. When participating in combat, you will be taken to many different areas. Each area will have its specific path, and the enemy will arrange defensive systems in different positions. Therefore, you must watch carefully to destroy the dangers on the map quickly.

Besides, Chopper Attack provides you with 2 game modes, including practice and campaign. In practice mode, players will be involved in instructional tasks to familiarize themselves with the battle context of the game. Also, this mode allows you to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each type of helicopter. From there, players will build and use the right strategy for each type of helicopter to complete the task quickly. As for campaign mode, you will engage in battle, which is divided into different stages. Each stage will provide different tasks for you to complete. For example, you have to destroy the enemy’s air defense systems to create a safe buffer for allied troops to land. Or you can take part in escorting allied bombers as it goes around the land that the enemy is controlling.

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