[Nintendo 64] Clay Fighter 63 1/3

Clay Fighter 63 1/3
Full nameClay Fighter 63 1-3
File size9.4MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

ClayFighter 63⅓ is a game for Nintendo 64. It was under the development and release of Interplay Productions in 1997. Moreover, the game is inspired by many fighting games to bring you intensive 1vs1 battles.

Fighting and unlocking characters

CLAY FIGHTER 63 1-3 is an exciting fighting game with 12 different characters to choose from. Each character has with unique stories. Also, each of them possesses different fighting skills. During the battle, you can use many different attack skills to defeat the enemy. You will be able to use the special attack skills after accumulating enough Mana for the character. Or you can also perform attack combos to deal more damage to enemies (for example, Triple Brown Betty Combo or Itty Bitty Combo). In addition to using skills to deal physical damage, you can also discover some magic attack skills. In general, the fighting skill system of each character is relatively diverse, helping players enjoy many different fighting styles.

Moreover, the game has 26 different rooms for players to explore in each battle. In which, each room has a different setting for you to enjoy while fighting. In the collection of 12 characters, there are 9 default characters and 3 special ones that you need to unlock to use. The nine default characters include Kung Pow, T-Hoppy The Battle Bunny, Happy Harry Houngan, Earthworm Jim, Bad Mr. Frosty The Fighting Snowman, Bonker, Blob, Ickybod Clay and Taffy. Besides, three special characters that you need to complete the game’s missions to unlock include Boogerman, Dr. Kilnklein, and Sumo Santa.

The game modes

Like other fighting games, CLAY FIGHTER 63 1-3 has 2 game modes, including multiplayer and single-player. Specifically, in the single-player mode, gamers can randomly fight with the computer. In the multiplayer mode, you will join the fight with other players. Before starting each match, the game gives players 20 seconds to choose which character they want to use. After that, each match will run for 99 seconds. Within the time limit, you need to quickly defeat the enemy or do as much damage as possible to win.

Also, the countdown timer will be at the top, middle of the screen for players to observe and come up with scientific battle plans. Next to the 2 sides of the countdown timer, the game displays different status bars of the character’s vitality. In the story and character systems, there are 2 special villains that you cannot ignore, including Dr. Kilnklein, and Happy Harry Houngan. In which, Dr. Kilnklein is an evil scientist with many crazy experiments, while Happy Harry Houngan is a local witch with dangerous dark spells. These two bad guys have cooperated to create an army of slaves to help them invade the world.

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